Ear Cleaning - Why it's so important

Many of us don’t have to worry about ear cleaning. The ears are incredibly impressive organs, which not only enable us to hear, but also boast an efficient self-cleaning system. In the vast majority of cases, the ears will clean themselves without any problems. However, sometimes, there is a risk of wax buildup, and if you spot signs of excessive earwax, you may benefit from professional ear cleaning. Here are four signs that you might need to visit a hearing health professional.

1. Blocked Ears

If you feel like your ears are clogged or blocked, this may indicate that there is too much earwax within the ear. Wax plays a crucial role in keeping the ears clean, but if there’s too much wax, this can cause problems. Blocked ears may be synonymous with increased wax production or a collection, which a hearing care provider will be able to eliminate by means of professional cleaning techniques.

2. Ear Pain

Pain in the ears can be associated with infections, but often, it’s a symptom of excessive earwax. If you have too much wax in your ears, the cleaning mechanisms may struggle to tackle the build-up, resulting in the wax hardening. If you have a collection of hard wax inside the ear, and it presses against the nerves, you may experience pain and discomfort.







3. Dark Earwax

Most of us have cleaned our ears before, and we’re familiar with the yellow color of wax. If you notice that the wax coming out of your ears is darker than usual, for example, it has a brown tinge, this may indicate that there is more debris in the ears, and a hearing specialist may recommend professional ear cleaning.

4. Loss Of Hearing

There are several reasons why people experience hearing loss. In the early stages, a hearing health professional will often want to rule out underlying causes that can be treated to potentially improve hearing. Examples include ear infections and excessive earwax. If earwax is clogging the ear canal, this can make it more difficult to hear. You might find that if you have your ears professionally cleaned, your hearing suddenly improves. If you do develop signs of hearing loss, whether they come on gradually or rapidly, it’s wise to contact a hearing care provider as soon as possible.

If you notice any of these symptoms or you’re worried about your hearing, the best thing to do is pick up the phone and organize an appointment with a hearing specialist. They can examine your ears and carry out some basic tests to determine if there is a blockage or a buildup of wax, which could be removed using professional cleaning methods.

Your ears have an effective self-cleaning mechanism, but sometimes, more intensive and precise techniques are required. If you experience pain, your hearing has deteriorated, your earwax looks darker, or your ears feel blocked, don’t hesitate to contact a hearing health professional. It’s always best to get problems checked out and to intervene before the situation develops into something more serious.

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